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    Does anyone know of any laptop deals that come with Office Home and Student 07at all? Have seen some good laptop prices but having to add the £60-£90 extra takes the shine off a bit.


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    Thanks, will take a look.

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    No good, as don't have a uni email.
    Will keep looking though.

    Nope. Office is an add on, because of the lowered laptop prices - Before it was included, but laptop prices were higher.

    Saying that, the quality of laptops for the money these days is poor.

    office 2010 ultimate beta is free to download, google it or a word processor and there is

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    Thanks Tony.
    My daughter needs it for her school work so am guessing I shall need the expensive Microsoft, oh well.

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    I do work for the NHS as it happens - I'll have a search round the Microsoft site.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you so much. Am always looking on that site and hadn't thought to search for that.
    Mind you, haven't had time to look at my emails for a few days so maybe they sent me a link.
    Must leave patients and check computer more!!!
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