laptop with windows 7... full....

    looking for a laptop for around 400 quid.. including windows 7. premium..not the vista upgrade.... any one... help... suggestions!!! many thanks


    comet have an acer 1 for £369


    there might be some codes in misc section as well,,,i used a 15% code last night for my brother and he paid £313 for it.

    Are you after something in a shop that you can get before Christmas? If so then you could do a lot worse than ]this Asus one at Argos for £380.

    I'm using one now, it's very nice and has a T4300 rather than the T4200 in the description. No good if you think you'll want to upgrade (everything is sealed in the case rather than behind individual covers), but with 4GB installed your unlikely to need more and most people don't upgrade anything else on a laptop anyway.

    It's very quiet and nice and much cooler to the touch than my old Compaq. Not really used it battery much, but guess it's probably good for 2-3 hours of typical use.

    I have just bought a toshiba satellite, for 1p short of £400. For me it is just perfect! Tesco were selling them as were comet.

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    thanks guys.. ill check them out... not a fan of acer... to be truthfull.. been bitten on the **** with them before!

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    any more?? people?

    Take a look at ]this deal posted here. Samsung laptop with Intel T4200 processor (or maybe T4300 according to some people who have bought it), 15.6 inch screen, 3GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive and Windows 7 = £350.55 using a 5% discount code (REVIEW5). And you might get another £10 off through Quidco. Pretty great deal in my book. I've reserved one to pick up tomorrow.
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