Laptop wont connect to the internet

    got a friends laptop that wont connect to the internet, mt GF brought it down with no real explanation of what went wrong, said something about there norton ran out and they tried to get another year but it wont now connect to do that.

    any ideas

    or where i should start


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    says the following when i tryt to connect

    WINDOWS confirmed that primary DNS server is currently online but is not respnoding to connection attempts at this time.

    This usually means that a firewall is running between the 2 computers (2,wtf ????) and is blocking domain

    replace your dns address with the ones from [url][/url]

    I have had cases in the past where an expired Norton has blocked internet access. The only way was to THOUROUGHLY clean Norton off the system, and i mean thouroughly, and hey presto.

    I seem to remember that there is a 'Norton Removal Tool' floating around the net for such a task. Maybe worth starting there and seeing how it goes.

    bullguard internet security does that too, when it runs out, it wont let internet explorer/firefox etc connect.
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