Laptop won't format because of a virus

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Found 29th Mar 2009
Hi, i clicked on link that was sent to me on msn messenger and it was supposed to take me to a picture on a website but, instead it installed a virus on my Windows XP Dell Laptop. Now every time i go to msn it sends out that link to all my contacts. Also some "DANGEROUS" logo comes up on the desktop saying crap. Anyway i tried formating my computer the 2 ways i know:
1) Putting in the CD while in XP and then it tries to install XP but comes up with a rund32.dll error or something like that then i click end now then restart and when starting up it comes with a black screen with a flashing underscore like in cmd.exe.
2) And the other way is starting up the laptop through the cd, choosing Windows XP Professional Setup, but then that comes up with the black cmd.exe like screen.

Please help, how do i fix my computer?

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Sounds like a computer worm, if you can manage to find out the name of the worm then you can just google it and find out how to remove it, you shouldn't need to format

Have you tried system restore ?

Try all the antivirus and anti spyware til you get a name for the virus, then google it and that will/should give you a guide on how to remove it.

what antivirus do you have Askfareed?

Spybot Search And Destroy Will FinD It

Is the hard drive easy to remove on that model,If so it may be best to remove it and connect it in another pc and Format the hard drive,If you do make sure the pc you put the drive in has an up to date virus scanner running .

What is the exact warning message that it gives you ?.

You need to get MalwaresBytes and SuperAntiSpyware. They will sort it out. Make sure you update both then run scans, in safe mode if you can.

Firstly ,by formatting the hard the hard drive you will delete all your data ie ..anything your have stored or downloaded onto it ..............mp3 ,photos ,docs .etc . Try and run an anti-virus program , anti-spyware in safe mode.It may be too late for that if you have already tried to re-install XP .What I would of done now was to remove the drive and link it to another laptop/PC as a slave and scan the drive from there . You can get your data off too , then re-format the drive ready for your fresh installation. Theres lots of devices that allow you to plug a laptop drive into one of the USB ports ...........IDE/SATA2USB or there is a adapter that attaches the 2.5" drive to a 3.5" IDE cable . If it's sata then a sata2USB adapter will work . There only about £8.00 and worth investing in one .

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Thanks everyone for the tips, im gonna get a antivirus tomorrow, see if that can do anything, if not i will make it a salve drive and format it like that, can anyone be specific on how to make it a slave drive, it's a Dell D600
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