Laptop/Netbook help required!!!

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Found 1st Feb 2011
I have been looking at two potential sources:

Tesco (where they currently have 20% off plus mother in law's staff discount of 10%)
Dell Outlet store

Can anybody give me an idea of the best laptop/netbook to buy?

I am ideally looking for one which satisfies the following criteria:

Can play the latest Football Manager games
Can store and view thousands of photos, videos and music
Can watch DVDs/Youtube videos seamlessly
Is ideally no larger than a 11" screen as I would like to cart it round with me
Budget of approximately £300-£400

Many thanks in advance!


Note a laptop and a netbook are not the same thing.

Netbooks dont have CD/DVD drives built in so you cant watch DVDs unles you buy an external CD/DVD drive.

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Yes I already have an external burner which I forgot to mention!!

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Any ideas put there?!

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Or even out there lol

If I hadn't got a Ferrari I would have def got the M101z

Amazing spec for an 11.6 machine

Check out Tesco direct quickly, they have been discounted

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Yeah I saw this machine and liked the look of it - currently £320ish on Tesco (and a further 10% staff discount), however there have been K325 dual core, 320GB, 4GBRAM versions going on Dell Outlet for appprox £250 which would be better for me than the K125 single core, 250GB, 2GBRAM on Tesco.

Guess I'll have to keep my eyes peeled!!

For sure, go for the dual core (same as the one in the review). Single core nowadays does run a little bit slow as many applications are now multi-threaded and can really make the most out of that extra core.
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Also looking at the Inspiron Duo hybrid tablet/netbook - any reason why I shouldn't go for one of these (apart from being more expensive)?

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Anybody have a Duo that they can pass a comment for?

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Man up, and buy a proper-size laptop. Yeah, it's a little more heavy, but did you know that the opening chapter of Acer netbook manuals is an instruction guide on how you can break your fingers and reform them with the minimum amount of pain, just so you can use their horrid little keyboard and trackpad layouts? Netbooks are foul.

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I've already got a full sized 15.4" lappy, just need something a bit more portable for travel. That's why the Dell is an attractive option as it has a 11" screen and the keyboard layout looks good
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