Found 3rd Dec 2017

After a laptop for my daughters Xmas present. Seen some hp ones on offer in tesco 14" screen for £219 which is in our budget for our 10 year old. Screen size is right what I want but it's only a 32gb hard drive? Can anyone advise on these please or recommend a decent one in this budget also.

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Those ones are basically tablets with keyboards attached. Really does depend on what she wants to use it for. If it's just for surfing and email, then maybe a regular tablet would do. If she wants to do any work on it, it's best to get a laptop with a half decent cpu like an i3. There were some older generation i3 laptops on sale for around £300 recently.

For a 10 year old, my advise is to just grab a 2nd hand tablet (loads of those available very cheap).
Thanks. She had a tablet but wants a laptop for some reason but with her age it can't be bad with learning etc
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