Laptops Direct - Absolute disgrace

Posted 17th Jul
As far as I was aware these guys weren’t ebayers raising their prices due to high demand. Selling from an official shop like theirs I’d expect things not to be 90 pounds more than rrp.

They’re selling it for 369.99 - just the base console.…ins
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Are they making you buy it?
Do you insist on paying full price when stuff that isn't selling or in demand is sold off cheap?
Expected but it is a bit of a disgrace haha.

You can't expect all retailers to be reasonable.
Are they making you buy it?
Disgrace? A company strategically inflating their prices whilst stock is low and demand is high... it’s a business world - your borderline communist @Man_In_The_Mirror
Previously sold at £419.98 on 4th June hahaha

Don't worry OP. This site is full of all kinds nowadays.
I am with you, it is a disgrace.
It's just an entertainment device, not a vital necessity. It's not unreasonable to charge a high price when it's in high demand.
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