Laptops Direct - anyone used?

    any good? any bad? anyne returned? experiences etc?


    they;re usually expensive from what ive seen before.

    I used them years ago - no problems.

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    they;re usually expensive from what ive seen before.

    seem to be the cheapest for what I want

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    anyone else?

    Yeh dude they are good my cousin got a vaio a while back, good communication etc.

    Used them a couple of times,

    I have always picked the item up as im only around 10 miles from their showroom (small but they will bring the product out for you if not on display

    If they have the item at the right price for you, their customer service has always been ok..

    What you looking at/ for ?? (dont say laptop! :thumbsup: )


    I bought a laptop from them, £800 odds, it was the first time we bought from them so go through identity check and then received the laptop the next day..the box was slightly damaged but could be from the courier. Send email to the same person who was dealing with us numerous time but never had a reply so we decided to send it back.
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