Laptops Direct trying to rip me off, what to do

Found 10th Feb 2014
bought a projector online laptopsdirect.co.uk, the acer 9500BD and within 10-15 minutes of been turned on it gave the error 'projector has overheated. Projector will automatically turn off soon' then turns off

I let them know straight away so never 'accepted' the goods but they're saying they can't replicate the fault I've reported (which is bull)

they sent me this this morning:

'Our technical department have tested the item and no fault has been found with this.

Due to the above we are able to offer a refund but not has a faulty unit but as a cancelled order.

However you would be charged for the collection fee of £20 and you would not receive back the delivery cost.

Please advise how you wish to proceed.

Kind Regards'

Considering it will cost me a fortune to have an Acer approved engineer prove the fault do I just settle and get robbed or what?

They're trying to steal 30 quid here and it seems they're going to get away with it, legally - somehow

I didn't want a replacement as after finding the fault and searching the internet it seems there's many problems with this particular model

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Faulty items - the seller can replace or refund. Most good sellers will allow you a choice but they are not entitled to.

Cancellations (usually under distance selling regs) - The seller can charge you for collection but not initial delivery cost. you are entitled to a full refund.

as it stands the seller has the 'faulty' item and you cant prove its faulty or not without testing it again and recording the results as proof.

Take what they are offering. Unless you paid via paypal in which case open a dispute. Hopefully you will have taken note of the tracking number when collection was made.
Checked my email a/c but I must of deleted the email I sent them few years ago when the like new lap I ordered arrived covered in dust and animal hair. Anyways it was picked up and the postage was short on the refund and on questioning them they said they wern't going to refund so I just copied and pasted legislation in regards to good not as described/etc. and they coughed up. Don't let them get away with it.
It's a pain when this happens. If you pay to get it back, be ready in case it has the faulty again. Take photos or a short video of it being at fault and send it to them advising that you want a replacement and a refund on the previous charge. If they reply with an excuse, you could contact your credit card company, but you are probably best contacting trading standards.

I had a tech problem where the company I bought the device from couldn't find the fault (allegedly) I reported, so when it broke again with me, I made proof and contacted the company and got a replacement and the charges i paid returned.
The retailer has to prove the item is not faulty for the first 6 months (reverse burden of proof). They cannot charge you a fee to return the product to you, even if it is not faulty. Ask them for an engineers report from the manufacturer and that you will accept a refund including associated costs (postage), not as a cancelled order but as a faulty item. Otherwise they can return it to you at their own expense but advise if the fault reproduces, you will hold them in breach of contract.
I suggested to them that I would pay an Acer approved technician to prove fault and that if fault was found would laptops direct agree to pay the technician's fee (only fair) and they said NO so it's obvious they're trying to steal

what goes around comes around and I'll make sure anyone connected to me knows this company is a fraud

thank you for all your replies
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I purchased an Acer ultrabook in January from LaptopsDirect. Delivery was admittedly quick. However it become apparent after using the ultrabook that the R key kept popping off. Easy to put back on but refused to stay there. With a magnifying glass it was clear that one of the mounting lugs was worn and this explained why when you click the key in the bottom right hand corner, it pops off. Very easy to replicate - in seconds.

Advised LaptopsDirect as per their published returns process, got a returns number and sent it back forthwith (recorded delivery costing £18). LaptopsDirect advised receipt the following week and all was looking good. Then it went silent....

After chasing by their "efficient" eMessage system, I was told they couldn't replicate the problem and that's when I got caught in the circle of eMessages that didn't progress the issue any further. One moment being told it had been rectified and was ready to return to me. When challenged "had they actually replicated the issue and fixed it?", they said they actually couldn't find a fault so hadn't done anything. Round in circles like this for a few weeks. Eventually told them I wanted a full refund (including the return postage) and told it would be passed back to "Returns". Then silence, chased again and was told they had fixed the item and all was fine (in other words the same eMessage from the week before) - the circle begins again....

Essentially the eMessage system is being used to hide behind. There is no published "After Sales" number - just a premium rate Sales line which I refuse to ring (as from other reports this just costs more money and doesn't result in any satisfactory outcome). LaptopsDirect don't want to engage with their customers or resolve any issues - clearly their statements about customer service being better than a high street shop are baloney and they have no intention of trying to achieve them.

Like others on here, LaptopsDirect (and their parent company BuyItDirect) are operating sharp practice to maximise profit at the expense of customer service. I challenge them to provide evidence to the contrary. I will be escalating my dispute with them as a result.
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