Found 5th Dec 2016
Hi, I'm looking for any post-black Friday deals on 3 laptops meeting these different needs if possible!

1. 15.6' or bigger, HD if possible, to be used for watching movies and browsing the web only
2. 15.6', decent battery life, to be used for browsing the web only, preferably doesn't get hot or make lots of noise
3. 14-15.6', used for day to day usage, Google Drive downloaded so would need decent storage, multitasking

I'm looking to spend no more than £300-£400 on each if possible less, thanks!


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helpful, thanks guys.

Sorry, was in a funny mood yesterday. Problem is your post comes across like you know exactly what you want but cant be bothered to have a look for yourself. Normally its a bit more specific like gaming laptop for bf1 etc.. with a couple of links you think are good but not sure about so asking for advice.

Have a look at these, this is a very quick search, i haven't gone through every site in detail looking for the best deals for each one as I dont have time sorry.




I know link 2 is a 14" screen and you asked for bigger but that will hamper battery life in your price range, if want the bigger screen and have a better budget then this has over 10 hours battery life…HAQ

bit more research and you should find better deals, here is a start for you.

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I've been looking on here for days but just can't seem to see any good deals, everything seems too expensive for what it is. thanks for your suggestions
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