Laptops, Please Help.

    Hey. I'm looking for a laptop which is in the price range of around £500-£600. I'm looking for one where the graphics card can be upgraded (if possible). If not, point me in the direction to some good laptops in the price range.

    Thanks alot


    If you take a look at MikeT's front page Dell Deals here: HUKD Dell Deals He's found the best offers available and has listed the price of each as well as links for them.

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    You're welcome

    Welcome to HUKD by the way!

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    Cheers for the warm welcome.

    Do you think you get more for your money buying from America as around 1 pound is 2 dollars.

    Yeah you get more for your money but then you have to pay the shipping costs (around £20 for a laptop) and then you will probably get charged 17.5% VAT when it arrives. So it's not always really worth it. Plus you'd have to check if the warranty will transfer to the UK or you will be out of luck if something happens.

    I'd say wait for a proper Dell deal here. You just missed some good offers that ended today like the Inspiron 6000 1.73GHz Pentium M for £586 all in.

    Also you could check out the Staples IBM laptop deal (1.4GHZ Celeron) as I just saw it's back in stock some places.
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