Laptops with Wacom screens

    I have an old HP TC4400 with a Wacom display that I still use daily, but I was wondering if there are any newer laptops that feature the same technology but with a newer spec (the TC4400 is from 2006!). Most touchscreens since then (and obviously the advent of the iPhone) have been finger-touch only, but there must be some that use the more precise stylus technology...

    Any makes/model numbers?


    Wacom make their own these days. I don't think they actually do any models with keyboards, but their new 13.3" windows machine is launching at £1650.

    HP & Fujitsu do (or did) wacom screens on some laptops.
    Asus have done tablets with wacom screens. search for "penabled"

    There are a few wacom competitors that have had stuff used by the major players. N-Trig for one
    surface pro and ipad pro…tml is a good resource

    My daughter has a motion computing J3400 (I think thats right) robust, waterproof and an excellent alternative to the cintiq as a used buy - took a bit of effort to set it up with win10, but it does work well now.

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