HP Pavilion Laptop, TX1250EA…798

    I have fallen in love with this laptop. Any of you guys know anywher I can get it cheaper etc? It looks sooo amazing!



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    Johnlewis is the cheapest place I found for this laptop. Use a £20 off voucher in the vouchers section and go through quidco to get 3% off and save around £40. It's not alot but better than nothing.


    This laptop has been superseeded by the TX1340ea model. Similar specs but a better hard drive and more memory, on this basis you will find it very difficult to get a better deal, as most shops are now stocking the new model only.…All

    Hang on a sec, it might be the other way round, my source is showing two different opinions

    No, I was right first time the tx1300 series has been introduced to superseed the tx1200 series :thumbsup:

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    :S. So, hopefully the older model will drop in price?



    :S. So, hopefully the older model will drop in price?

    Yeah good thinking, if you are not in a rush then keep an eye out for it. Comet had it priced at £649.99, but were out of stock so I didn't bother posting it
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