LaRedoute has *the* worst postage ever

Found 23rd Jun 2007
I ordered a pair of trainers last Friday (15th?) from them, thinking they'd be here by now so I can take them on holiday tomorrow night.... yesterday at 7am I finally get an email saying they've been posted.... nothing yet...

Then they keep telling me to log into my account and check the status, which I need a customer number to do, which they didn't ever give me when I registered and they never quote in any emails.

Anyone else had this crap from them? The one thing that pisses me off about buying stuff online is when the morons don't bother posting it for several days.

Also has anyone *ever* managed to order anything from I've tried about 4-5 times and every time their ordering system dies midway through.
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La Redoute are notorious for slow delivery, mostly things take over 2 weeks to get to me. There's not a lot you can do other than wait.

If it wasn't for the massive discounts from them (aka...get stuff free tee hee) I'd never use them.
La Redoute take a while processing 1st orders,like close to 2 weeks my 1st one was,I was wanting credit on the stuff too,they not the quickest service
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