LaRedoute..Anyone else have their order cancelled?

Only me then? What is it with me ...I only found 2 matches aswell! :?

EVERY order I have placed with these jokers has been cancelled..they are … EVERY order I have placed with these jokers has been cancelled..they are almost as bad as its not just you:thumbsup:

Nobody can be as bad as debenhams :x
Debenhams is the worst online shopping website I have ever seen. when you placed an order you cant check the status, no online payment processing systems or if you call them, they say 'it takes 24hrs after you place an order' I cant understand why it takes 24hrs to check an online order in their system. DEBENHAMS-TOTALLY **** same LaRedoute aswell
Nah...Gamestation is worse...
Mine arrived yesterday. Maybe they ran out of stock and cancelled some orders? When it's a free or really cheap deal, you never know if you'll get it. I ordered a couple of things that came out to 99p each with coupons, and not only did I never get them, the cust. service won't answer my emails! And an offer where face cloths worked out to free, that order never came, either.
I placed an order (for an different item) on May 4th, I received an email confirming my order.

I phoned up today to find out why they hadn't been delivered and they had no trace of my order! Luckily neither had they charged it to my credit card they took.
i place my first order 4 days ago ..1 on next day delivery but im checking it evvery day and it still saying...BEING PREPARED wot dus this mean
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