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Found 19th Jan 2007
:lazy: i have "bean" looking for one of these like this one i found at woolworths but they dont seem to have any in stock or dont sell them anymore


has anyone seen any about or now where i can get a silimar one, for a similar price?



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argos have this for £16.99
its not quite the same but its good for the money and is sold as a "bean chair inner" which implies you could get covers for it :thumbsup:

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[SIZE=2]that looked great at first, but it really small i think same size as the kiddies beanbags, 3 cubic foot.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]need something massive but they are sooooo expensive.....[/SIZE]

hehe best trick ever!
Find your local wall insulation guys (cavity insulators)
They use special machine things that pump little polystyrene balls into wall cavities! (clocked on yet?)
Get an old douvet cover or make one (can be leather style) and get them to fill it!
They did it free for my mate!
Cost him about £3!

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[SIZE=2]nice one thats a crackin idea, although i think it would be easier for me to buy the beads than trying to find a cavity wall insulator who is willing to fill a duvet![/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]found some on tinternet for about £20 for 10 Cu.ft. so to fill something about 900mm sqaure i would need 20 Cu.ft worth, and then buy all the materials to make the sack and/or inner lining. so probably end up costing me more.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]might have a look at some building suppliers see if can get hold of the balls cheaper.[/SIZE]

hey, not sure if you are interested still in getting a beanbag...but there are 5 foot and 6 foot massive ones for a good price!


just click on the side column links to which size you want! 6" is huge!!!

what is good is that you have the option to just buy the cover or have it filled...just depends whether you can get it cheaper!!

hope this helps!

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thanks, i actually bought one from there ebay shop the other day, a large black recliner bean bag, got it for £51 rather than the 69 they want from the website. turned up today, but no one there to sign for it.

i have the sofa bed one it is huge dosnt even fit in the front room
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