Large button tv remote for virgin V+ box

    Just wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a large button tv remote, which works on a virgin media box.

    My grandad tends to have issues with technology and spams buttons without thinking. I know there's large button remotes out there, but would like to hear if anyone's tried a specific one, bought one for a grand parent etc

    I'd like to find one that does chanel, volume, tv guide and information. Less tv features the better (doesn't need pause rewind etc).

    Also, a cheap price would be best


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    I think this one dose. Look at this on eBay … I think this one dose. Look at this on eBay

    ​I had seen that, but that's a large tv remote. The layout would confuse him

    I've had a quick look about. Most seem to have channel up. down, volumes a day power.

    He does the TV guide via the box as well.

    Thanks for your suggestion
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