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Found 14th Nov 2006
I am looking for large entertainment unit. Something like this:

but bigger. This one is 240cm and wall in my living room is 330cm. Any ideas? My budget is up to 1000 quid.
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good luck kommunist, thats some unit WOW !!!
I like it too Maybe I should buy one and add some floorstanding speakers to match

BTW, there is eCoupon for Tesco Direct (double points): TD-TDP2
Just get to an Ikea if I was you. You can Custom Built something for under a grand!!!
Been there yesterday. The closest bet is their Besta range but my TV won't fit into it. But even if I would change TV (I still got conventional CRT (4:3)) they don't have all the fittings and haven't got a clue when it'll be delivered.
Right Lot's of suggestions as usual
Just ordered the unit (see above) and added to it one more display unit, hopefully it'll look good.
In addition, I bought remote (RF) dimming light controls, so I could easily turn lights on/off in this unit (and room as well).
Bought it and installed this weekend. The quality is so-so (as one would expect for the price) and assembly is a bit unusual. The unit made in Denmark and so anyone who used to assemble Ikea or Argos stuff must read the instructions. The instructions aren't really clear and you have to take them literally. For example, you need to count holes on picture to get it right or otherwise you'll end up with misaligned cabinet.

Lights that are shown on picture are not included, you need to drill holes, then buy spots and install it.
There are no holes for top shelves (those between tall units), so you need to drill it very carefully.

But other than that, this is a very nice unit in black-chocolate (that's what they mean by 'coffee' colour) and silver fittings.

Oh, forgot to tell... To make it 330 cm, I added to it another matching display unit (80 cm wide). 500 quid altogether delivered. Cheaper than Ikea, IMHO
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