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    I got a photograph printed in poster size, and am now looking to frame it. Only problem is, I dont know where to look for a frame :oops: so I'm hoping somebody here can help.

    Size: 12 inch by 18 inch
    Type: Not really fussy

    Any recommendations for where to look, or actual photo frames, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    Would prefer to just buy one ready-made because it will probably be cheaper (and I'm expecting it to be expensive enough considering the size)

    try ikea if you live near one. their frames can be really cheap and decent looking too. alternatively they have started delivering but not sure that it's going to be worth it once you add costs of delivery.

    that's my post virginity gone!


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    Welcome to the site lucasmommy

    Thanks for making your first post to help me! Thats a good idea because I got a free gift card from ikea a few days ago (from the freebie section of hukd!)

    The people at blue and yello have got something called RAM in various sizes. Closest to the size you want that I found was 40X50cm (16X20inches?) for £2.49. The bit on the front is perspex rather than glass though which i actually like as it's light and safe for use in the lil tyke's room.

    Hope that helps. And hope I've manage to get the link right.


    Hate how crowded ikea can be but the bargains that you find there make it just (only just) worthwhile esp if you go at off peak times. beware the urge to pick up random multiple bargain items though as it all adds up!

    May sound a bit cheapskate but give Wilkinson's a crack. Their bigger stores have loads of frames, and Ive always been impressed with them. :thumbsup:

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    Thanks everyone Will take a look at all places suggested
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