Large Single bed


    Need some hence buying a new single bed, Ideally I would like a large single bed with width around 105-109cm I know coopbeds has one but it is in excesss of £200!!!

    Does anyones know where I can get one around the £100 mark


    Try Ikea, their beds are always sized differently from UK normal sizes.

    you can get what called a small double try dreams bed company or ikea basic plain wooden slatted bed then mattreaa sold seperate check trading post website on ebay too or just google small double bedsteads they are quite a few depends on the price range invest in a memory form mattress a thick one my family all have them great nights sleep
    Good Luck in yr search

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    Unfortunately these are too wide I required approx width 105-109cm such as…e=3 but with less cost
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