Largest city in the world?

    Can anyone tell me whats the largest city by the size not population?


    Quick google search sorted this,

    largest in the world is Tokyo with a population of 35,197,000 and an area of 13,500 km squared

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    mmm... I thought London was the largest.

    I just searched something ongoogle and it brought a wikipedia page up

    Also there are a lot more cities bigger then london

    Largest city in the world by size is Brasilia with 14,400 km squared. Check for yourselves on the second link of wiki. 90th on the list but has the biggest area.

    I think we can say that there is no definite answer.


    its like which is the longest river? amazon or nile?


    its like which is the longest river? amazon or nile?

    The nile, it was an answer in the quiz the other night so it must be true.


    Check Brazil
    Sadly slums don't get accounted for

    But is not the largest


    A group of scientists claim!

    Was still the right answer to the quiz so I'm sticking to the Nile.

    London isn't that much of a big city, They just have a lot of people per square KM/mile than most places!
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