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    Hi There all,

    I am looking to go to Vegas for my 30th and want to know where to get the best deals.

    I am totally flexible on dates and happy to stay at any of the hotels on the strip.

    Thanks all!


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    Thanks for that, keep em coming i need a cheap trip to Vegas baby!!!

    I went a couple of times a few years ago and form what I remember the hotels are a lot more expensive at the weekend and if there any major events on. I booked via Tradewinds i think and found it better to combine the holiday with a trip to Orlando.Ill try and find you a link. I also found that the cheapest hotel the Stratasphere was not available for our dates and for an extra £18 we stayed at the Hilton. The second year we stayed at Circus Circus.

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    Thanks leecroot, look forward to the link.


    Thanks leecroot, look forward to the link.

    When googling tradewinds it doesnt seem to come up with the company. It was just over 5 years ago so they may have changed. My advice would be to pop into an agent and take it from there. It depends on where you are flying from for the price. I remember the first time I went it was only for 3 nights and that wasnt enough. The second time we went for 7 nights then onto Orlando for 7 nights. I remember Virgin Holidays had a few deals at the time. Things have changed a lot now I expect.

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    Hiya, have a lovely time, we used to book fab deals on vegas hotels and we also used to book other hotels, cars and flights on our road trips we've done in the usa, can't recommend those sites enough. We stayed at the stratosphere, fab views from the tower and the rides at the top are amazing!!
    Try to do the helicoptor ride over the grand canyon, an unforgettable experience and take a drive thru death valley.

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    Great advice guys, knew I could count on you all!

    the cheapest hotel in a great location on the strip is the imperial palace. you will spend a fortune on taxis staying at the stratosphere or circus circus, they are just too far from the strip. Imperial palace is bang in the middle of the strip and is basic but clean.

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    Ok so I gather sunday to friday is the cheapest time of the week but when is the cheapest time of the year? I'm aiming that question mostly at flights as thats going to be the biggest cost...

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