hi everyone first post!

    I am a student trying to find the most competitve price for 2people flights and hotels in the las vegas strip at the beginning of september? I have tried such sites as expedia etc but was wondering if anyone has any gems of information?

    all help appreciated!


    Check for flights Ive flown out from London and like using Virgin.
    For hotels use the links from ]this forum although most of the deals seem to only go to Sept 10th.

    I know this as Im looking at heading there at the start of Sept and went last year - from what I've seen The Mirage has some decent deals. Two weeks is a long time in Vegas mind - Id consider splitting it with San Fran


    Have a look on Skyscanner as well

    Hi all

    First post please be kind:)

    We go to Vegas all the time & as crow says 2 weeks is a long time. We personally twin it with Palm Springs or Los Angeles but that is our preference.

    LA has Universal Studios and Misery World lol

    Also many of the of the hotels on the strip have maximum stay of 7 nights so you would need to check which ones would allow you to stay up to 14 nights.

    Hotels on the strip vary in price....

    Circus Circus is cheap but is a very tired hotel and it smells, lol, it also a fair way down the strip.

    Monte Carlo is a reasonable price and in a fairly good location too.

    Bellagio is nice but pricy and theres not really that much atmosphere, its a bit snooty.

    TI or Treasure Island as it used to be called is one of our favourites, its a good price and lovely too, located in just the right area with good atmosphere

    Whatever hotel you choose remember, you will spend so much time out of it just go with what you can afford.

    The main thing to remember is the place is huge but the deuce bus service runs up and down the strip all day and night and is only a couple of dollars. Well worth it IMO.

    As for flights we cheat because we always book a flydrive when they are on offer which usually works out cheaper than flight only because you are getting it at a contract rate rather than a rack rate.

    We book it and take the car thats allocated when booking and opt to pay insurances and taxes in Vegas, rather than to the company in the UK.

    Here's the important bit, you DON'T actually pick the car up, so you don't actually pay anything for it.

    Then go grab a cab, the airport is so close to the strip and it is relatively cheap.

    We usually do 5 nights arriving on a Sunday and leaving on the Friday which avoids those huge weekend surchages that almost every hotel add on for Friday and Saturday nights.

    Read the bitter wallet write up on las vegas , part 1 gives you info on staying at vegas…gas

    you should subscribe to the email alerts as its a good read


    i travelled a few years ago with tradewinds. i booked through a travel agent. found them to be the cheapest. maybe worth a try.

    INB253 Discount code for MGM Grand. Just booked it myself and got a celebrity spa suit for 3 nights about £50 cheeper than the basic room. Look on google for discount codes for vegas hotels, there are loads.
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