Las Vegas - tips on travel & hotel greatly appreciated

Found 1st Nov 2009
Hi all

We are looking to go to Las Vegas late(ish) next year (end Sept) for an extended weekend.

Any tips on how best to get there, who to book with, recommendations on where to stay and what to do while there would be greatly appreciated.

More than likelt to want to fly from "Oop North" - somewhere Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds are anywhere else nearby (think we would prefer to fly direct / non stop - but could be persuaded otherwise)

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Hopefully Choc will see this, she should be able to help :thumbsup:
Flights to Nevada are generally 14 to 16 hours duration, and of course the time difference is 8hrs so just for an extended weekend... I dunno if you'd wanna travel just for that... I'd say at least 5 days or so as two of those days will be basically travelling.

Hope this helps x
Went a year ago fantastic place :thumbsup:

As already been said the flights with one change are normally about 16hours. BA and Virgin fly direct but not sure if thats just from Heathrow...

We stayed at Mandalay Bay which had really nice rooms. If we were going back i think we'd consider Planet Hollywood, Ballys or Paris as they're just that bit more central in the strip.

All you can eat buffets droooooooooooooooooooool :-D
Hi RichD, loving Vegas baby. I have flown direct ealier this year, from Manchester, and it only takes 11-12 hours. If you fly via elsewhere (chicago, Atlanta or Philly usually) then you can add at least another 5 hours onto the traveling time and stopover.
Ive been many times and ive stopped at Ballys, Caesars, Luxor, Hilton Inter, Circus Circus (very budget) Aladdin (now Planet Hollywood) and the Mirage on the last trip earlier this year. I would have to say it depends on what your budget is like and I would also say book your accomodation directly with the hotel. The prices tend to go down and offers come out and if you book and see a better deal the hotel will let you change the offer and save you money (I think thats got to be Unique ?). The Mirage was fantastic, Ballys was nice and central but not what you would call luxurious and Circus Circus suited the purpose (bed and shower !!!!). Caesars was nice but expensive and I would have to say overall the Mirage was the best of the lot (only my opinion). We have flown with a few airlines but BMI have now stopped flights from Manchester so you might be left with Virgin who fly direct. If you like the Beatles the show called Love, at the Mirage, is absolutley amazing (again book tickets before you go as you can cancel or change when you get there, ansd we found half price vouchers for this show in the rooms when we got there !).
Hope this helps, sorry to rasmble but if you want any more info let me know.

Have a great time

If your driving, don't flash your lights at ANY car that dosn't have it lights on! Avoid Mexican gangs & pick up the voucher books, some great deals to be had. Have a great time as i'm sure you will.
One of my favourite destinations been 7 times now got married there good fun I like to fly with Virgin and I stay in the Luxor We get flights seperate and book hotel direct:thumbsup:
Woo Vegas baby.....I was there in Apr/May this year and going back next year.

We stayed at the TI (Treasure Island), one of the few hotels not owned by the MGM Grand Corp. It was newly decorated, the comfiest beds i have ever slept in and when we said it was our firt time, we were given Strip views. can't fault the rooms, we're getting a suite next year, only a couple of hundred dollars more and with the exchange rate now you'll get a barghain paying the hotel direct or booking through a US travel agent.

You are right next to the Fashion Show Mall and across the road from the Venetian with another Mall inside. They have a pirate ship in the TI hotel grounds lol which has the Siren show twice a night.

Do not book show tickets in booths, but them in the shops that are at the top of the strip near the airport, you can also get deals with the copter flights over Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.

I could go on for ever but it was so bleedin amazing.

ps fly direct with Virgin......only 12 hours!!
Many thanks for the info so far - please keep it coming
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