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Posted 25th Sep
Hi everyone!

So, the missus and I had a holiday booked to Turkey in mid-October however, we are getting a full refund from TUI as the flights were with Thomas Cook... So yes, we are lucky!

Surprisingly, the missus said 'how about Las Vegas instead?'

Naturally, I'm definitely up for that so I'm after some tips etc.

We are looking to go for about 5 days from the 14th October, flying from London and with a budget for flights and hotel of about £1400. I know this might be a stretch but as neither of us have been before, I would very much appreciate advice on where to stay to get the best experience.

Cheers guys!
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You have a missus and you are still a Virgin?
I've been twice, I would recommend staying somewhere near the middle of the strip. Avoid the lower end (Sahara, Circus Circus, Stratosphere) as they are a long way from everything else. The Flamingo is a good base point and usually cheaper then some of the big ones. It means you can walk to all the main casinos.
Worth noting is you get a lot for your money in Vegas hotels, fist time I went I chose the cheapest hotel and still had a room with 2 double beds in, even though I was on my own! (£19 a night back then).

The all you can eat buffets are good if you can eat a lot, personally I probably don't eat enough in one sitting to make it worthwhile but it was fun trying. Everything is BIG in Vegas, I ordered some ribs and the whole table was taken up with plates full of side dishes.

Casino's have gotten expensive. First time I went Blackjack was $2 minimum per deal, second time I struggled to find anywhere with a minimum less than $10. That's a lot of money for one hand!
On the plus side drinks are free if you are gambling so take advantage of servers walking around (although as with everywhere in the US they will expect a tip).

Walking around Vegas is the cheapest and best form of entertainment there. It's just amazing to look at, some casinos will have free shows you can just wander in a watch.
Be wary as you will be approached by people trying to get you to go to a time share seminar in exchange for tickets to a show or free chips. If you are good at saying no you can go along, it wastes half a day but you do get the free stuff.
Your budget sounds too low. I’d expect more like £2-3k. Remember flights are in high demand right now and will be well into next year so don’t expect any cheap deals this year/early next year.
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Yes, unfortunately your budget is too low for October, the prices drop mid-late November (around the 20th and Wednesday departures are usually the lowest). If you could change your holiday dates, it might be doable for £1500-£2000
Stay Sunday to Friday.
666FU25/09/2019 07:07

You have a missus and you are still a Virgin?

666FU25/09/2019 07:07

You have a missus and you are still a Virgin?

He's married. It's like becoming a Virgin again...
Stay off The Strip in a Motel/Hotel, that's near a Monorail station. And buy a multi day Monorail pass.
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