Laser eye surgery

Posted 17th Aug 2017
Has anyone here had laser eye surgery in the last few years?

How was it?
Did it end up costing much?
Who did you end up getting it done with?

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I had Lasik eye surgery 3 years ago with Optical Express in Southampton.

Before my prescription was -4.5 & -4. I was recommended by a friend who had the same surgery in this store (now closed) with the same surgeon. It wasnt cheap (£3500) but i wasnt concerned about the price, i wanted to ensure my eyesight was not compromised so i wasnt will to save a couple of hundred by not going to the wavefront extra.

The reception staff, and booking team are useless and couldn't organise themselves if their life depends on it. However the surgical team be amazing - seriously couldnt reccomend them highly enough. They did try and stick me with a new surgeon at 1st which i wasnt happy with and delayed it 2 months to get the same surgeon as my friend (Luca Antico).

The Surgery itself lasted 10 minutes, You lay on a bed, they clamp your eyelids open and put numbing drops in. Then they cut the flaps (you cant see anything at al it all goes black as the clamps press on your eye), then they swivel you over to the laser and lift the flaps - everything goes blurry and you just see a yellow circle and a load of clicking. The surgeon then folds the flap back down and puts a mask over your eyes.

You dont feel a thing (Promise!), i had a headache afterwards but that was just cause i was really tense and worried but they are trained to calm you down and make you relax. I was home by 10.30, went to sleep for a few hours, then work up and could watch TV without glasses for the 1st time in 15 years by 13:00. I now have 20/20 vision and afraid to say take it a bit for granted already.

Biggest tip, research the surgeon, dont get stuck with the new guy - if they are good you will find lots of articles online. They tried to tell me the new guys was fine as he was "qualified". My answer was i was qualified to drivve after passing my driving test, didnt make me a good driver though.

Sorry for the long post - but good luck
I had mine done in 2013 in Optimax Milton Keynes. Cost about £2200 for the top of the range treatment, they gave me a hefty employers discount. Absolutely painless which really astounded me, even no pain during the recovery period. Process itself not pleasant, pressure on the eyeballs and awful smell of burning. Was over quickly. Change in eyesight was immediate and amazing. I was 41 and it did make my close up vision worse. Had I had it done in my twenties as my hubby did I think I would have had a lot more value out of it but I do need glasses for reading now, they warned me this would happen, more to do with ageing than what they did. No regrets at all!
Had mine done in one of best places in Mumbai...cost just over 1200.
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