Laser Safety Equipment

    This is probably an odd request but I need to find a discount on safety headgear for continuous wave lasers with a 532nm wavelength. I've seen some for £140 but I wondered if anyone knows a place where they are cheaper.

    Luvly jubly. Merry Xmas.

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    What kind of "headgear" are you looking for? I work with lasers and the only safety gear we use are goggles. We buy ours from LaserVision. I don't know how pricey for more "standard" types but they are but they are the only company that supply ones that cover all the wavelengths and powers we work with. They are not a UK company so you have to go through the UK rep - not sure who that is now.

    There are several other companies out there if you do a google search

    Hope this helps?!?
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