Laserpod - sent old version, paid for new version.

    Hi all,

    I bought a Laserpod from It's advertised as the latest version with 3 LED's (red, blue and amber). They were out of stock when I ordered a few weeks ago but new stock just arrived this week. However, it appears I've been sent the old version of the Laserpod which only has 2 LED's (red and blue). I'm a bit disappointed but don't want the hassle of sending it back to get a replacement. Chances are that the new stock are all the same. But do you think I should contact them anyway if I'm not 100% happy? I'm not sure how to approach the situation as I don't want to sound picky about it, I mean it's only 1 LED colour that's not present, it just looks better with more colours.



    But do you think I should contact them anyway if I'm not 100% happy?

    Definately contact them !! They didnt give you the item you bought ... simple as! They should send you it out with no problems

    Absolutely nothing wrong with letting them know - you paid for one item and got another, they're in the wrong, it's not being picky at all.

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    Thanks, I have emailed them and asked them to advise me what to do. They will probably send me a replacement but I'll only do that if they pay for return postage.


    i have the old laser pod with the red and blue , very good too it is :-D plus they were brilliant when there was a problem with it no snag with sending it back and all that

    whats a laserpod when its at home!

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    whats a laserpod when its at home!…tml

    A very nice lady from findmeagift just phoned me about my Laserpod. Apparently all stock of the Laserpod that arrived this week is the old version and the website hadn't been updated to reflect this. But since the phonecall the site has now been updated, even though it still says it's the latest version, it now says there are 2 coloured LED's.
    Asked what I wanted to do I told her I still want to keep it. I wasn't offered any discount, I don't know if I should have asked.

    oh it looks sound that, never heard of them before!
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