Last LIFE

    Don't forget last episode of Life on Mars


    Thanks! :cry: How could we forget anyway! :thumbsup:

    Ya think this will be a good 'un!? :thinking:

    Original Poster

    I hope so as the rest have been great!!!!!!!

    Original Poster

    Well not a bad ending. Thought it was going to end with the obvious choice and that he had been in a coma, but prefered the end we were given.


    feels like and old friend has gone, back to the normal dross thats served up on most channels on most nights, ooh Ashes to Ashes to look forward too:-D


    I was in a Coma for 2 years dreaming there was something good on the BBC and then I woke up and found Graham Norton has a million pound deal.

    So I jumped off the top of a building and went back to watching Fanny by Gaslight.
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