Last min Christmas euro holiday suggestions?

Posted 14th Dec 2022 (Posted 6 h, 51 m ago)

So I suddenly have some extra time off this Christmas, and the other half wants to go out somewhere in Europe.

It’ll be 23rd-26th, so 1 day will be Christmas Day.

My main issue will be most places will most likely close on 25th, so will be wasting a day.

Any suggestions where we could go?
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    Great country to visit and don't think you would have an issue on Xmas day either.
    Which part of Europe is that in?

    With the strikes is it a good idea anyway?…tml (edited)
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    What are you wanting, a traditional Christmas market style city break or do you want somewhere a little warmer such as beach resort? If you want the latter then Gran Canaria (or Tenerife or Lanzarote) is a good shout, I went last week and it was 24 degrees, flights are very cheap there. (edited)
    Lived next to the beach (3mins walk) for a few of years, but never go there, doubt my wife would be interested.

    Would like to go to some kind of traditional Christmas market, but Christmas Day would be an issue in most cities.
    Most places would be closed, and be waste of a day
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    Paris or Dublin i recommend.
    The price of accommodation in Dublin is exorbitant. Probably better off getting a cheap flight to somewhere like Gdansk or Riga, much cheaper out there and more interesting in many respects. Cologne could be good as well for a Christmas atmosphere but obviously not so inexpensive as the others mentioned above. (edited)
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    If you go to Paris as suggested above, Disneyland is open on Christmas Day.

    Where is your wife going to Morocco with her friend? As Marrakech is very different to Agadir in Morocco for example, so that could still be an option if you go to a different part. Could also go elsewhere in North Africa, like Egypt or Tunisia. Cape Verde is another option to consider if wanting a warmer climate. I appreciate none of these are in EU, but all are reasonable flight times.
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