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Found 18th Nov 2009
Hi all! It's my birthday tomorrow and I don't want to end up doing the usual going for a meal then going for a drink scenario, I'd like to go out and do something different!

So I thought it was worth a shot asking on here seeing as I'm on here every day...

Can anyone think of anything me and a couple of mates can do tomorrow for my birthday? I live in Swansea in South Wales, but don't mind travelling somewhere if it's worth it and not too expensive (any travel deals?). One suggestion was to go Go-Karting, but the places nearby are either WAY too expensive or a bit manky. I know ice-skating is kinda popular at the moment but can't really see myself in a pair of ice skates!!

So anything random, completely bizarre or plain obvious, please let me know! Huge thanks in return!

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Go to the airport and get on any flight you can within your budget, wherever that may take you!
Go for it and do the ice skating. We went on my birthday (Coventry) and we were the only people there - it was great! You can always have the meal and a drink afterwards... and work out what to do next year. Happy Birthday btw!
I agree with the airport thing, get a flight for 1p and go for the day!!! what an ace birthday that would be!!:thumbsup:
Have a good one whatever you do. x
What about a Comedy Club, or Curry Karioke, if you have any near you, both great laugh.
Yeah Comedy Club for £20 each or Go-karting or walk in paintball......
Thanks for all your replies!! Hugely appreciated!! =] =]

No Comedy Club here unfortunately, and Curry Karaoke would be hell of a laugh, but none around here, and I probably wouldn't be singing until I'm absolutely wrecked!

I would love to do the airport thing, really would! Except the nearest airport with 1p flights is hours away =[ I wish Ryanair would fly fro Cardiff damnit!

So I think maybe just try and fill a day with all sorts like ice skating at the outdoor rink should be fun I guess then =P Then maybe catch a movie in the cinema, grab some food in somewhere like TGI Friday's (since its my birthday i'm sure they will smother me!), then erm....
Go and have a go on a climbing wall it great fun:) and you have a place in Swansea too.
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