Last Minute Holiday/Break

    Me and teh other half have a bit of time we want to take of in between the 29th January and the 11th Feb.

    We would like to get away and have looked at a variety of different things from Amsterdam to Egypt to Rome and DisneyLand Paris.

    So in short we are open to ideas but would obviously like something with great value between £100 - £200 a head so 2 people £200-£400.

    Also if you could arm me with some websites because I don't know anymore than and

    Thanks for reading and any help would be most appreciated


    How long would you like to go away for.

    And do u have 'some' preferred departure Airports

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    hey sorry, anything from a short weekend to 7nights.
    Any London Airport
    Cheers Mark

    With a small budget. You could try the budget airlines

    If you pick good combination of days, your flights could work out very cheap.

    How about Prague. Easyjet sale at present.

    29thJan-Sun - 2nd Feb-Thurs
    Return Flight from
    Stansted - £52 each
    Gatwick - £74 each

    A friend of mine stayed in this Hotel
    hotel Botel Albatros for around £30 a night. Perfect location on the River.…jpg

    Accomm - £124 for double room
    Total - £228 for two inc Flight n tax etc. Well within your Budget…jpg

    Also visit here to read peoples Reviews…tml

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    Them problem with most of the cheap airlines is the taxes and charges they add on at the end.
    I found the cheapest one to be easyjet

    Yes the above fare was based on Easyjet.


    Them problem with most of the cheap airlines is the taxes and charges … Them problem with most of the cheap airlines is the taxes and charges they add on at the end.I found the cheapest one to be easyjet

    I think leeutalkin2me is quoting the prices with taxes/charges included though.

    Isn't it a bit cold in Prague at this time of year?

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    cheers guys all help is appreciated!
    Can any one recommend a nice european(easyjet) city which is good for couples.
    I am looking at the easyjet prices then bidding on hotels with priceline.

    They say the cold from Siberia is coming over to Eastern/Central Europe. I come from Poland and it's -12 now, but it will get down to -25 very soon. Niiiiice

    Its a good point, I was thinking of a Week off in February, but most of Europe is cold unless you go to the Canaries. about 18degrees at moment
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