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    I've always heard stories from people about how they get some great last minute deals on holidays. Whether they are just stories or not I'm not sure.

    The wife and I are both off next month and don't have anything planned at all. We've not really looked into going anywhere in particular but if a fantastic deal popped up I'm sure we'd go.

    So how do you go about getting the great last minute deals? I've heard of people turning up at the airport ready to go and just see what they can get? Has anyone tried this?

    I kinda fancy a cruise somewhere, any tips on gettin last minute deals for these?

    Thanks to anyone who can contribute!


    [url][/url] seem to have some daft prices...worth a look?

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    Anyone else got any tips?

    We usually book thro and we've had some great last minute deals over the last few years - 3 years ago we went to Corfu for a fortnight, booked 2 weeks before and paid about 1/4 what everyone paid, 2 years ago we got a great deal to Tunisia booked about 2 weeks before, and last year went to Austria at a fantastic price :-). All we have to do this year is book some time off work and then cross our fingers lol :-)

    Good luck and let us know where you get to and what deal you find :-) !!

    a friend recommended olympicholidays or sumthing to me. Greece ect. is from that company/website. Hope this helps

    Try went to spain all inclusive for 4 nights 99 each. also try on the beach.
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