Last Minute holidays

    Hi all,

    Wanting to book a last minute holiday on 7th July and was hoping to get a bit of help.

    I have tried teletext holidays and directline holidays, however not having much luck.:roll:

    Hoping to get some ideas, websites from ppl who have done this kind of thing before.

    If anyone can even find me a good deal then that would be even better. Not bothered wgere as long as its hot and relaxing.

    Thanks in advance


    How many adult/kids?

    ]http//ww…om/ is a good start.


    £375 each half board a week in Tunisia 4*

    £750 inc everything cept spending money seems pretty good for a week in sun to me.

    Original Poster

    2 adults no kids
    Tried quite a few places just not sure where to click or what to look for. Not too fussed where its to, just want somewhere relaxing and sunny.
    People i talk to seem to be able to get good prices online i just never seem to be able to find anything that decent

    Max budget?

    Original Poster

    we were thinking more of £150 tops per person. We aint too flush atm

    Oh and flights from Newcastle or Durham Tees Valley (Teesside)

    Can't see you getting too far on £150.. Taxes + fuel surcharges alone are going to swallow the bulk of that. Might get a day or two at a 2* if your flexible about dates and can do Gatwick most likely.

    No chance of getting one of those two on the cheap on that specific a date.

    Absolute cheapest anywhere close to what you want is £258.50 each.…=-1
    2* hotel, 7 nights in Bulgaria
    £25 each fuel surcharge on top of that though.

    That's a guide price. I'd put money on that doubling when you call.
    They'll come up with plenty of ways to increase flight - very few details on what is included on there.

    Try checking [url][/url] again
    use the search filter on the left, destination - any, put in 7 nights +/- minus 7 nights, from Teeside

    ]go here
    I just found 7 nights in turkey from £100 to £150 each person (just check out which hotel you like best)

    Plus you need to add taxes etc - as sean said already

    Happy hunting!:-D

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that.

    Anyone know what Turkey is like

    I found FERRERA BLANCA APARTMENTS, Majorca for £159 with MYTRVAVEL

    Thanks for the help so far, keep em coming?

    Tastes kinda like chicken:giggle:

    The best thing to do is google the speific area you are interested in- its just like everywhere else, you come across fantastic areas, but you can also come across $h*te holes

    From, you can have 7 nights self cateringon the Lloret De Mar, Costa Brava, Spain from stansted at the Guitart Fenals Park Apartments for £90 a person…GRO

    A friend of a friend swears by

    He apparantly managed to get a weeks holiday in spain, somewhere, fully inc for £30. I believe it was very last minute, but might be worth having a look around

    Original Poster

    great cheers i will have a look on there

    Turkey & Tunisia are horrible !!

    Stick to somewhere like Spain

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the feedback Chris. I was 'worried' about Turkey, as there seems to be an adundance of cheap holidays there.

    I appreciate everyones help and further suggestions are welcome

    Icelolly seems a good site

    Original Poster

    Icelolly has a lot of hidden extras.

    Plus no transfers etc.



    Turkey & Tunisia are horrible !!Stick to somewhere like Spain

    Totally agree. Its like going back in time 40 years when you see how the local lads behave to women (both Turkish and women on holiday).

    Original Poster

    ok I have knocked Turkey and Tunisia off the list....

    I have now increased my budget. Looking to spend around £500 or less

    I found these:
    Costa Brava 3 Star Half Board - Marapins Hoteal - £197 each
    Benidorm 4 Star Half board - Gran Bali holtel - £287 each

    Anyone got any other cheap deals for the 7th July from Newcastle or Teesside?


    try this site I know loads of people who have great deals ]http//ww…uk/

    Original Poster


    try this site I know loads of people who have great deals … try this site I know loads of people who have great deals ]

    My work blocks that site, but ill check it out when I get home:thinking:

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