Last minute New Years Eve Party

    Ok so my mates have convinced me to have a party on New Years eve.

    So does anybody know of any good alcohol deals on in the supermarkets at the moment? Im on a limited budget and hoping that people bring some with them but you can never have enough!


    One of sainsburys or Tesco are doing two big boxes of beer or similar for £15 I think?

    what time shall we all come round?

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    what time shall we all come round?

    as long as you dont come empty handed whenever:thumbsup:

    invite me and i can bring 48 cans of beer:)


    as long as you dont come empty handed whenever:thumbsup:

    I will bring a bottle.

    Semi skimmed ok?

    tell your mates you will have the party if they all dib in a fiver or tenner each to get the booze and food. that way no worries over if they gonna bring something.


    i had a new years eve party ages ago, and got every one to put in £5, brought loads of beer and had lots left over, mind u that will depend how many u invite

    cocktails are a good fun cheap thing, some cheap tesco vodka mixed with fizzy, eg cherry ade, lime ade, blue stuff and make your own pre mixed drinks, much cheaper and just as good

    have fun xx

    try asda they have three packs for £20
    most are 15can pks but boddingtons are 18s

    Asda are 3 for £20 -

    8 pack Bulmers
    Strongbow cans x 15
    Becks, Stella bottles x 18
    Also John Smiths, Carling, Boddingtons

    Tesco are only doing 2 for £16, not sure but they might have a wider choice though.
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