Last quiz, final 23

    21-Dark Sunday
    22-Distribute Equally
    23-Ham or Beef sandwich
    24-a friendly prickly bush
    25-very warm galaxy
    26-hard of hearing wildcat
    27-raincoat bought near Blackpool
    28-unemployment card
    29-several raincoats found near cemetery
    30-revolvers and flowers
    31-spinning rocks
    32-first man and insect
    33-thunderbolt helps grass grow
    34-in wonder land-just like that
    35-upset over phobias
    36-williams vacation
    37-Ol' blue eyes off to make a movie
    38-uncomplicated primary colour
    39-the cost of watching a comet
    40-genuflect for a gem
    41-wild urban evangelists
    42-moist, soaked, saturated
    43-spanish heavyweight in WC


    30) guns n roses
    42) wet wet wet

    26) def leopard

    22] Cher
    23] Meatloaf

    27) fleetwood mac

    28) ub40
    33) lightening seeds

    22) cher

    32) adam and the ants

    32] Adam Ant

    34) alice cooper

    36) billie holiday


    29 - max bygraves

    classic pmsl :thumbsup: :w00t:

    31) rolling stones

    whats left - cant see now too drunk lol

    Original Poster

    24, 35, 39, 43 only left

    39) bill hayley

    43) lou vega??????? cant fink of ne1 else

    43) Elton John

    24) Buddy Holly and thats that done!

    24) buddy holly

    Original Poster

    superb, well done for getting all of these, took me bloody ages. What do you think of my quizzes?

    Original Poster


    Cheers,really well thought out,good fun and good laugh:thumbsup:

    Thank you, I am rubbish at finding deals but like people to enjoy my other stuff:thumbsup:

    well done skusey -fab quiz - put me off watching last 2 episodes of lost though lol
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