Last Rollo deal

    Can anyone remember the Last Rollo Gold Valentines/or silver ?

    Im after a good price on this for my lass, can anyone find a good deal etc?

    thanks anyone


    Some sites for you here

    ]http//ww…uk/ Official site includes free engraving,prices start £49.99(silver)

    Prices here start from £38.90 delivered(silver)

    Hope this helps:)

    You may be able to get another £5 off at Firebox,check this thread ]http//ww…ox/,I clicked on it and it seems to be current....and by way of a coincidence,the company mentioned is who I work for!!!!!
    Another edit:

    I should check before posting....anyhow,Firebox do 10% quidco(excluding vat and del charges) as well,but to add another choice you could try this ]http//ww…olo...the silver one is £40.95 delivered,but use the code 123123 and it comes down to £33.15,and there is also 12% quidco!!!

    they usually have some on Iwantoneof - havent looked as short of time but have a peek

    really sorry to post here, but how do i create a deal request, cant find the create a thread anywehere!?

    hi try, also there are loads of codes and great quidco savings too, try code 834834 i think it gives you 25% off, plus 12.5% quidco, you owe me a pint hahahaa

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone for the help
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