Posted 16th Aug 2020

Bit of a sticky situation, was wondering if someone could provide some help?

Pre-covid I booked a 2 way (Outbound and Inbound) flight to Turkey under one booking with Lastminute.

In the first week of July the outbound flight was cancelled and I had the option to request a refund for that flight alone and not the inbound flight. I called Lastminute and requested a refund for the full booking as, if I was unable to fly there (no flights available), why would I need a return ticket. They said they would have to chase a refund with British Airways.

2 weeks later, I called for an update... they said they are still waiting to hear back from the airline and to wait.

1-2 weeks after, I called again... they said to wait again.

On Friday I logged into my Lastminute account and saw that my inbound flight from Istanbul to Heathrow was due to be open for check-in on Sunday (Today).

I called Lastminute again and this time the agent on the phone said he doesn't know what I was told by other agents but its pretty clear that I'm not entitled to a refund for that return flight because it is still active by the airline and the flight PNR numbers are different. I argued that if I made a 2 way trip on a single booking and the outbound flight is cancelled then surely the return trip should be void. The agent said no because the PNR numbers are different and if I want to chase a refund I should contact British Airways. I hung up and called British Airways, they advised me that they cannot help and that I shouldn't be contacting them if I bought through a third-party. It should be Lastminute contacting them and also that I am not entitled to a refund as the flight PNRs are different (She assumed I had purchased 2 different bookings). I explained that it wasn't 2 different bookings, it was 1 single booking for a round trip. She said they couldn't help.

Called Lastminute again and they said to email their customer support, so I did. Haven't heard back (It is the weekend so expected).

Check-in is now open.

I unfortunately paid via Debit instead of a Credit Card.

I called my bank about an hour ago and spoke to the claims department and they said they cannot file a dispute or chargeback as Lastminute has offered me a refund for half the booking (the cancelled outbound flight) and that I can't file a dispute for the inbound flight as British Airways is still providing that flight.

I'm assuming that when I purchased the booking for a 2 way flight with Lastminute that they then booked 2 separate one way flights with British Airways, causing the different PNR issue?

That is where i am at the moment.

Apologies for the lengthy explanation, does anyone know what steps I can take next?
Lastminute won't refund the second flight nor will the bank file a dispute.

Have I just lost money for half the booking?

Any and all help would be appreciated, thank you!
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