Groups Theatre and a meal deals, are they any good?

    Tempting to get the one for Grease ( the musical, not a greasy dinner lol) and a meal at planet hollywood. Thought £27.50 each is a good price for a show and din dins.

    Any one use them before? Are they any good?


    I have, they are very good IMO.
    Never had any problems.

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    I have, they are very good IMO.Never had any problems.

    tah. Where did you go?


    tah. Where did you go?

    Been to Dirty Dancing, We Will Rock You and Blood Brothers.
    Never had a meal with the package though-we always book a show and a hotel.

    Tip; check reviews before buying as some offered restaurants are *****!

    I did one a few years ago and it was crap, the meal was a burger and the theater seats where way up in the gods and very uncomfortable. Hated the show too.
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