Latest con lol are we that gullible

    After reading a post on here about a laptop on gumtree and nigeria, i wonder if this e mail come from there?????

    Tax Refund Notification

    Date 18/05/2011
    A tax refund of 1560.10 GBP.(Still Pending) Due to invalid account record we were unable to credit your account Please submit a verified tax refund request.

    A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example submitting invalid records or applying after the deadline.

    Click the "Refund Me Now" link below and follow the on screen step in order to have us process your request.

    Refund Me Now Note: For security reasons, we will record your ip-address, the date and time,Deliberate wrong inputs are criminally pursued and indicated.

    Best Regards,
    HM Revenue & Customs


    Had an email like this (from HMRC) last year

    Ooo, I'd hate to be indicated! lol

    id fall for it! although would check the email add!


    id fall for it! although would check the email add!

    Why does this not surprise me? X)

    I get loads of letters from the council tax to electrics and gas, they look so very official with proper stamps on them.
    I just throw them in the bin, but now I'm having problems cooking and turning the lights on and

    I'm tell you it legitimate letter, good reason, my cousin send you the monies.
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