latest phones comparisons, plus minus of iphone, samsung, htc? any sites

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Found 20th Jun 2011
hi are there any sites that compare these new phones, so that i can see which one suits me best. like for like kind of thing.
i hear so much conflicting information, dont know which to go for on contract.
any advice appreciated.
need easy emails and texting really, dont need business apps or like. something sturdy.


This says that blackberry is Best For: Secure email and instant messaging.

Im in the same position. Im thinking about the iphone 4 or the samsung galaxy s II.

I find that website ideal for my phone info needs.
Hope that helps.

easy emailing?
give wp7 a go - absolutely brill - i very rarely use my pc any more for emails. it is so quick and easy.

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hi, just had a bb that died just after the year warranty, and that was the second time. wont touch again tbh, repair cost 170 buy new 125 says it all

thanks for the other links will give it a go

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yes i am thinking along the same lines, i know the build quality of samsung is good, but dont know much else about either.
worried the iphone might be dear for simple apps and games. etc.
dont know anything about htc, wondering if there is a buzz about the sensation one or not.
views always appreciated. thx.

quote=madj1muk]Im in the same position. Im thinking about the iphone 4 or the samsung galaxy s II.[/quote]

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kinda ruling out the sensation as i use the camera a lot too, wonder between iphone4 and samsung. dont see much about the se, is that losing the battle again in the big boy ranks?

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well cpw told me no when i took my e2save one in that died, 18mth contract doesnt finish til end july but just let me to go with the above repair quote or get lost. no happy. got hols on fri and down a phone. dont know anyone with reasonable one down back of sofa either to borrow for a while either, mores the pity.


Blackberry's have a two year warranty as do most phones (except iphones).

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thanks for the link badass, i did a bb warranty search on google and it all came up with 1 year, i got the phone through e2save although repairs all go to cpw, so i guess they wont take it. cant figure the e2save website at all. maybe you could figure it out for me if u get the chance.

The S2 is an excellent phone - I had the HTC Desire last year and loved Android so upgraded to the S2 this year and am so impressed with it, including the camera. Ds has iphone4 and he loves it though it does seem to have its problems - though that could be just him lol !

Go into a phone shop and have a play about with the phones you're thinking about
Don't listen to the salesperson they usually talk poo
It's personal choice really.

I personally like the iPhone 4, most of the others are too big for me
Apples customer service is a big plus too

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aye am down to iphone or the s2 at this stage. samsung build and camera seems better, want ease of emails and camera really. s2 seems cheaper. most of the phone shop only have dummies up which dont give me much idea of the s2. worried might be too heavy handed for iphone, dont like to be tied to iphone apps, as was told cant used android app store, which i am used to.
dont do music or vids on phone anyhow and not going to
anybody got an opinion on the above. thx?
is the s2 warranty one year like the iphone, cos that really puts me off. think its a con. imho.
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