Latest Sony Erricson

    anyone know which is the latest model s/e mobile? if poss could someone list the 5 latest sony erricsons? 1 being the newest. rep will be left!:thumbsup:

    many thanks xxx


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    The latest due out in a week is the new K850i with 5mp camera.

    Best one out at the moment is the K800i and the revised version of the K800i the K810i.

    There are other lower models recently released but not sure what they are.

    P1i is also fairly new.

    Latest SE releases can be seen here:…956

    K850i and the w960i being the best dependant on whether you want a walkman or 5mp camera.

    w960i isn't out until december, and k850i just around the corner. The t650i is a decent new one.

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    thanks guys, rep left for all xxx

    Dont forget the W910i, its coming out in Oct (not sure on exact date)

    For all still interested:

    1. W880i
    2. K810i
    3. W580i
    4. P1i
    5. T250i
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