latest Wii Deals - somebody please

    i keep looking at various deals for the wii but dont know anything about them and which to go for, wanting to buy one for the kids for xmas, please can anyone tell me the best deal at the moment please ?


    I'd hang off for a bit, the Christmas deals will be kicking in over the next few weeks and you should find that the best deals are to be had around November.

    If you're playing it safe and want to make sure you get one, lets face it, they went like hot cakes last then there are some good deals going at the moment for aroun the £160 mark ]http//ww…WII.

    Or with a game or extra remotes/accessories around £200 ]http//ww…les


    Sainsbury's may still have them, £149.97. Check the link above right 'Hottest Deals'.

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    thanks so much for answering, i am new on here and was worried nobody would reply lol, going to check these out, thanks again.

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    sansburys didnt have any when i looked at my local store today

    Borrowed from ssherbaut from MSE

    1. Wii on it's own £159.99 from this online retailer... (I don't know how reliable they are)…t=0
    (limited to 1 per customer)

    2. WHSMITH (INSTORE ONLY, NOT WEB OFFER) Wii package with additional games: Big Beach Sports (£19.99 instore price) and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (£39.99 instore price)
    Total package - £179.99....

    3. GAME - Wii with free Mario Kart and 1 steering wheel £179.99

    4. Currys - (Instore, I had to ask them for their offers)
    Wii package with additional 2 games: Big Beach Sports (19.99) and Star Wars - The Force unleashed (34.99 - Instore price)
    Total Package £199.99

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    thanks for that will check it out

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    still havent bought one going to buy it this week i think anyone else found any good deals ?

    Only ShopTo @ 169.99, but I'm going to wait for a week or two, as it seems as if there's no shortage but it's still at bit early for any pre-christmas deals!

    The best deal I can find is

    £179 including "Mario and Sonic Olympics".
    (My children are girls 5&8 so I need suitable games)

    Can anyone beat that? I meant, and it has gone now

    Try the deal at Game Station, it comes with wii sports, carnival games, guiness book of records and big brain acadamy for £199.
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