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Found 2nd Dec 2007
I have around £400 to spend on a laptop and I am torn between the following two:

comet.co.uk/com…435 Acer 1gb for £399 and comet.co.uk/com…ion Acer 2gb for £500

Now I am no expert, but comparing the two they seem identical apart from the 1gb difference in ram.

Would it be a better move to go for the cheaper one and get somebody to upgrade the ram for me?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2GB of RAM of ram would cost £78.71 from crucial memory. If you quidco you could get 10% back on that too. So say about £70. You could then maybe sell the spare RAM on for £10 - £20 say...

But then you got fitting, its easy to fit (see guides online!... quite simple really) but fitting charges could vary.

So may save you a little bit of money if you fit yourself.
generally on laptops the memory slot is under the laptop (usually one screw) or under the keyboard (slide out job). Ask to see the laptop and get an idea where it is you should be able to upgrade yoruself relatively easily.

I'd suspect you should have 1x slot free if you get the 1gb model and can then upgrade. Laptop memory is more expensive so the £100 difference would prob b lost.

personally tho I would got for a brand name which is more popular e.g HP/DELL/TOSH whilst slightlly more expensive, the resale value if you want to sell a year down the line will be better.

Also check out PCworld first, if they have it in stock as if you are a NHS staff member you can get 5% discount... (im sure you must know someone who is a NHS member!! pm if you want any assist)

Hope this helps
Acer tend to cut down on costs i find, many acers which i upgrade (quite a lot as the school i work at, its all acers!), say if they have 512MB RAM they have two 256 sticks. Generally this is the case but like scimitar says, worth checking out.

As for crucial memory, nothing is wrong with it. Again we use them all the time for upgrades, not had a single stick fail on me (out of just over 50), and they come with a lifetime warranty. How can you beat that?!
:thumbsup: Cheers for the help.

Would I be able to the equivalent of either of those laptops with a brand name without paying too much?

NHS 5% sounds very useful. I will have a browse on the PC World website.

Is the Compaq a better option from PC Wolrd with 5% discount?

Seems like a decent deal, however only thing iwould say stick with INTEL!

Intel have the faster processors, and beat AMD X2 in nearly every way. Speaking to a AMD rep at an event a few month back, he said they have nothing to match the performance of the intel core 2 duo.

Then again, the AMD will still do what you want don't get me wrong. :-)
Right so an INTEL is the one to go for then.

I really dont want to spend too much over £400 and I am looking at getting something that will last me a few years.

I know this is not a brand name one like Toshiba etc. but would you recommend this one?

]Acer £450

I am so confused what to go for its a bloody nightmare
Personally I think the acer looks a more attractive specification (the £450 that is). This actually looks quite good. However, it depends how far you are willing to go with your budget otherwise you will go on and on and on.

It might be worth looking out for a laptop with slightly less specs that runs using XP perhaps, and maybe you will get a better deal.

If you are just doing everyday tasks and running XP you wouldn't need 2GB of RAM like you would need for Vista and therefore might be able to pick up a 1GB laptop for considerably less
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