Posted 20th Apr 2022
Baileys have launched a new flavour Eton Mess, ahead of Summer. Original Irish cream with flavours of summer berries and creamy meringue. Currently only available in a few retailers although suspect it will be rolled out across main supermarkets in next few weeks (currently at Morrisons in store for £17).

Where can you buy?

Possibly may see some deals in the run up to the Queens Jubilee.

Bailey's Limited Edition Eton Mess blends irresistible original Irish Cream with flavours of juicy strawberries & raspberries, meringue & whipped cream to create smooth and creamy drink.

Indulge in a delicious flavour mix of creamy meringue and summer berry flavours of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Best enjoyed over ice, poured over Eton Mess, or a delicious Eton Mess Martini cocktail. Baileys Eton Mess is the best way to indulge this summer


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