Found 8th Jan 2008
i was wondering if anybody would be able to help me out with the following questions- (my understanding of the topics will be in the next post, if its wrong will someone point me in the rite direction)

1. What changes did the companies Act 2006 make to derivative actions and unfair prejuice?

2. what are the negligence limitations of auditors? (what are the proposed ones)

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derivative actions- until 2006 it was a common law rule created in the case Foss v Harbottle. Only 'fraud on the minority' made the minority capable of bringing actions which had to be in the name of the company?

in 2006 the act just widened who could bring action but it still had to be on behalf of the company? (is there any case law from this) what section governs this?

question 2- auditors

the auditor is liable to the the company who employs them and to a specific person outside the company if the auditor accepts the lability. is this good or bad
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