Law text books, unsure whether to list, is there demand?

Found 2nd Oct 2008
Hi all, I have recently finished a law degree and as a result have a number of big hefty legal text books and revision books, I have no need for these any more as I don't intend to pursue a legal direction.I would ideally like to sell them and would prefer to sell them to a fellow HUKD struggling through there law degree but I'm not sure there is a market for legal text books on HUKD. What do you all think?

Kind regards

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Why not just place a thread in the FS forum? It doesn't cost anything!
Surely this would be the best time if any to list them. New students will be looking for books and I am sure there will be some looking to save a few £s.
What titles have you? and an Idea of the price you are looking for?
Is it still handy for you to get to your old uni or do you have a local uni? If so why not put a notice up in the department. Gumtree is another option, I know a lot of students use it.
It could save a lot of time and effort on all that postage malarkey.
I have a lot tbh and prices will vary as they varied in price when I bought them. I have statute books that aren't annotated for: property law, Family Law, Public Law and Human Rights, Contract, Tort and Restitution, Intellectual Property. Some of the text book I have are: Unlocking Land Law (would have failed that module without that book), Criminolgy, Ansons law of contract, Contracct Law text, cases and materials, modern Land Law, and a family law text book. I have a Law dictionary. Revision guides (nutshells) Contract/Family/Intellectual Property. I have a few more at my parents house but couldn't give you a list.

If any of them interest you I can give you further details I.e authors, editions, prices or anything else you would like

Regards matt
Sent a message asking for details as the moderators get upset if you do not keep the board informed.
You should! I did most of them last year and am doing dfferent ones this year, though. Shame. I'm definitely on the lookout for cheap law books.
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