Before I started working at McDonalds, I only ever ate anything that was plain, eg I wud order a plain double cheez burger and I only had tomato sauce. Now after working there I like everything on my burger (except pickle)and i like all the sauces




You like McDonalds Mayo?!

Whatever the subway BBQ sauce is I

is that coz they spit in the burger if you ask for it plain??

You must really love your job to post about it so much.

scrap anything ive said before.

Best fred evar

because your sheltered

i heard a story once about what some blokes did to them flurrys. when i worked there many moons ago. (about 17 years ago) i worked out that, depending what you ate over 10 different people touched youre food. i try to avoid it now.... definatly avoid them flurrys..........

OMG i fell off my seat laughing.......

so do u live of them now?:roll:

black gerbil1;3545970

because [SIZE="7"]your[/SIZE] sheltered

tut tut, You're:whistling:


tut tut, You're:whistling:

lol que


scrap anything ive said before. Best fred evar

your gonna have to make yer mind up!!

McD is targetted for the mases so rarely they make foods that are highly flavoured hence why they always been more popular than BK.

I used to be ewww at thought of half their sauces too but 95% i try unless they BBQ as always hated this flavour.

Mc D mayo rocks only one besides hellmans light i will eat

I love Mcdonalds, thats why i have a fat ass


I love Mcdonalds, thats why i have a fat ass

you married to Guv?


you married to Guv?

Well, i do have to call my hubby that four nights a week......!

u've been owned ... *grin
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