Lawn mower advice please !

    My just out of guarantee Flymo has suffered a motor burnout and is now useless. I'm looking to buy a new mower and am trying to avoid Flymo - does anyone have any suggestions please ?

    My garden is about 40ft x 20ft and has several bumps in it - i.e. isn't dead-flat level. Would I still be able to use a rotary mower as opposed to a hover mower ??

    I'm considering this Bosch at the mo…-21

    but would welcome any advice/suggestions otherwise.



    Mine did a similar trick (Never get another Flymo) and am very happy with my Qualcast now. Got mine a few years back from Homebase.

    My 20 year old Flymo died after my o.h. tried mowing bricks with it.
    I replaced it with a Bosch Rotak 34. It's good but it is more bovver than a hover.
    I decided not to buy a Flymo again because they don't build them like they used to.

    my flymo did exactly the same thing,burnt motor after only been used 3-4 times..It's a piece of shiat and anyhing BUT flymo should do the trick
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