Lawn Mower needed!

    Idiotic other half borrowed the neighbours lawn mower and cut right through the cable, so we now need to replace it.

    Theres was on wheels and had foldy down handles.

    Best price for one like this please anyone?

    REP will be left


    Cheaper option replace the cable....:thumbsup:


    Cheaper option replace the cable....:thumbsup:





    Just replace the cable if you can but if not Argos is always good

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    is it easy to change? neither of us are very good fixers!

    Should be just get a replacement wire and follow the wire in. May have to undo a few screws but thats about it.

    You could use this sort of thing.…tor

    The above post is a better price than mine!

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    fleabays the way forward!

    Thanks all for your helps, rep will be left

    I've got a flymo hover vac that you can have for £39 delivered - comes boxed with all bits and bobs.

    one with wheels here…htm

    you can get them cheaper in argos (£29) but no wheels

    thanks 4lyons09!
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